Welcome again to Vembu as partner for retouw.nl

After serving for a year already as partner for this site Vembu decided to renew their sponsorship for yet another year. In case you don’t know them yet here’s a short overview of the VMbackup software they make:

VMware Backup

Vembu VMBackup delivers reliable and consistent backups with recovery points that span months and years. Protect your business critical servers running on VMware vSphere environments with an intuitive UI that addresses complex use cases with simple configurations. Built to pursue efficiency in data protection cost-effectively, without compromising on delivering enterprise level functionalities.

VM Backup Video

Configuring VMware Backup

Host Level VMware Backup

Easily create a host-level backup of VMware VMs

  • Without installing any agent inside each VM
  • Near continuous data protection
  • Manage backups from a single console

>> Learn more about VMware Backup

VM Replication

Virtual Machines may crash, but business must go on. Ensure high availability of your VMs by:

  • Replicating VMs to another ESXi host
  • Instantly launching the replicated VMs in case of failure of production VM
  • Automatically map network and IP address to the replicated VMs

>> Learn more about VM Replication

VM Replication

Backup Integrity Check

Backup Verification

You can’t ensure business continuity just by backing up your VMs. You should be able to recover them. Vembu VMbackup automatically verifies the:

  • Bootability of your backed up VMs
  • Mountability of the backed up virtual disks
  • Integrity of the backup data

>> Learn more about Backup Verification

Hyper-V Backup

Creating a virtual machine by setting up a Hyper-V server is easy but creating a backup policy for the VMs is arduous. Vembu VMBackup makes it effortless with its simple and intuitive UI that can handle diverse scenarios. It provides efficient backups that addresses all your current problems and your future requirements. With verified, application-consistent and instantly recoverable backups, Vembu VMBackup acts as a cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery solution for your Hyper-V environment.

VM Backup Video

Configuring Hyper-V Backup

Host Level Hyper-V Backup

Protect your Hyper-V environment without any complexities

  • Agentless backups
  • Supports VMs in Cluster Shared Volumes and Windows SMB share
  • Direct restore to same or different platform

>> Learn more about Hyper-V Backup

Changed Block Tracking (CBT)

Backing up your entire machine every time is not a smart way to use resources and storage

  • Track block level changes
  • Backup only the changed blocks
  • Save Storage

>> Learn more about Changed Block Tracking

Change Block Tracking

Application-aware Settings

Application-aware Settings

When an application backup is successful, it does not necessarily mean that the database is consistent. Upgrade your data protection by:

  • Ensuring application consistency
  • Automatically truncate the transaction logs

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There’s also a free version for 3 vm’s

Free Edition

Vembu is also offering free NFR licenses for its Vembu BDR Suite of products exclusively for our Partners, VMware vExperts, MVPs and Certified IT professionals. Go here to find out more or if you are a blogger mail them at vembu-marketing@vembu.com

[Advertorial]Vembu v3.9.0 is almost here


Last year I wrote a couple of posts about Vembu, somewhere in the next couple of weeks they are expecting to release version 3.9.0 of their Backup Suite. They have some very new features to be added with this version like Windows Event Viewer integration. This gives the administrator a way to check if backups have succeeded without having to logon to the backup server, besides that it also provides an easy way with almost any monitoring product to make an status for the backups.

For those of you who still require data to be written to tape Vembu will also add that function trough the Vembu console. Besides VMware ESXi backups you will be able to quick recover Hyper-V Machines and Disk Image backups as well. Another important addition is the encryption of backups with AES-256 bit encryption, just make sure to safeguard that key or you might not ne able to recover anything.

Overview of announced changes:

Tape Backup Support

Vembu extends its support to native tape backup through the Vembu BDR console. You can
utilise the best known 3-2- 1 backup strategy of having 3 copies of backup data in 2 different
media and 1 off-site location for an efficient DR plan. This secondary backup approach will help
you to archive the image based backups in both virtual and physical environments like VMware,
Hyper-V and Windows Servers and recover them in multiple formats like VHD, VMDK,
VHDX, VMDK-Flat and RAW.

Auto Authorization at Off-site DR

Enabling the auto authorization feature will allow only the authorized Vembu BDR servers to get
connected with Vembu OffsiteDR servers (Replication) using the registration key.

Quick VM Recovery on ESXi for Hyper-V and Disk Image Backups

Instant recovery of backed up data on VMware ESXi is now made available for both the Hyper-
V VMs and Windows Servers backup jobs for an effective Disaster Recovery. This recovery of
the virtual machines happens in a matter of seconds by booting the backed up machine directly
from the backup storage repository, from where all the files, folders and applications can be

Windows Event Viewer Integration

All the events of the Vembu BDR, Off-siteDR & agents like information on critical, warnings
and major events are updated in the Event Viewer of Windows Servers when enabled for better

Advanced Backup level encryption for all agents

Users will be able to configure AES-256 bit encryption for all their backup jobs of VMware,
Hyper-V, Disk Image through their customized passwords using corresponding password hints
as well.

OffsiteDR Server retentions using Vembu Network Backup

OffsiteDR retention policies is now available for the Network Backup plugins too, like the image
based backups of VMware, Hyper-V and Disk Image backups at the too.

Listing of files & Folders in aciTree structure

The listing of files and folders while configuring backups on a Network Backup plugin is now up
with the aciTree structure for easy and quick navigation.

Pre/Post backup scripts for all Network & Image Backup clients

This feature provides the ability to configure running custom actions before and after the
execution backup schedule. The custom actions may include running an application using some
script files.

AngularJS conversion of UI for Vembu OnlineBackups

The overall UI of Vembu OnlineBackup is improved for better performance like the current
Vembu BDR and Off-siteDR.

Update of consumed space on the Vembu Portal

Based on the display of the consumed space of Vembu Online Backup and SaaSBackup plugins,
the customer will be able to allocate and purchase further cloud storage post purchase and