VMworld EU Hackaton join me to have some View vCheck fun!

So for a long time I have been looking forward to the VMworld EU Hackaton. The announcement has now been made and it will take place on Monday evening the 11th from 6pm to officially 10pm but my guess is that it might run a little longer šŸ˜‰ It willā€¦ Continue reading

Vembu part 2: Update to 3.8 and actually making backups

Intro So last time I gave an introduction to Vembu version 3.7. Last week 3.8 was released so I will talk about the upgrade and actually running some backups in this post. My backups have been running for some weeks already (when the lab is powered on that is) soā€¦ Continue reading

New and updated VMware flings for july 2017

Intro I decided to make this almost monthly post a bit wider and just post updates and new releases of all flings in that month. There are four flings that have been updated at least once this month. New Flings There has been one new release this month: DRS Lensā€¦ Continue reading

Pulling Horizon View events with PowerCLI in a nicer way

Update: There is a new way to pull the event information without having to enter the sql password please see this post about it.   So in one of the first posts I did about Powercli 6.5 was a bit about pulling events from the Horizon View events database. Thisā€¦ Continue reading

Updated flings for Horizon View in May

Yes I am a bit late but there are only two Horizon View related flings that received an update last month. First is the OS Optimization tool and second is theĀ Ubuntu OVA for Horizon. The OSOT even already received an update in June but that’s for next month. Ubuntu OVAā€¦ Continue reading

Building a Horizon View vCheck (part 3)

So it’s time for part 3 already of building checks for Horizon View. I got some remarks after last post and thus I need to say that the checks have been createdĀ for View 7 because some commands might not work against a 6.* installation. three new plugins this time orā€¦ Continue reading

Welcome to my first sponsor: Vembu

I am proud to announce the first sponsor of Retouw.nl: Vembu. Vembu is the creator of the Backup & DR suiteĀ with the same name. Besides that they also have a CRM suite in their portfolio. I have created a new partner page for them. About Vembu Vembu is a leadingā€¦ Continue reading

Building a Horizon View vCheck (part 2)

So last time I created some simple scripts for the Horizon View vCheck. This time I wanted to add some information about the Composer, Connection, security servers and the event database. So all in all I added fourĀ scripts that might seem to do the same but since the api’s treatā€¦ Continue reading

Building a Horizon View vCheck with those nice api’s (part 1 of ??)

Intro Ever since I saw Alan Renouf’s vCheck script first in action years ago it has been one of the tools I have been promoting to use for daily checks. The fact that you can disable and enable plugins makes it a flexible adjustable solution that helped me preventing companiesā€¦ Continue reading