Horizon 8 2111 GA: What’s new in the rest api’s?

So just found out that Horizon 8 2111 dropped today and there have been some welcome changes to the rest api’s. Luckily VMware does have these covered by now in THIS kb article. In short these are the changes: Inventory : Desktop Pools Create desktop pool Update desktop pool Delete… Continue reading

[HorizonAPI]Powershell Script to push a new Desktop image using the REST api.

I already blogged about pushing a new image using the Python module for Horizon but I decided it was time to also have a reusable script that is able to push a new image using powershell and the rest api for Horizon. The script that I created has 10(!) arguments… Continue reading

Horizon REST API + Powershell 7: pagination and filtering (with samples)

A while ago Robin Stolpe (Twitter) asked me if it was possible to find what machines a user is assigned to in a Horizon environment. To answer this I first started messing with the soap api’s and had a really hard time to filter for the user id with the… Continue reading

[API]New way to gather Horizon Events

A good bunch of my audience has probably already noticed it but with Horizon 8 release 2106 VMware has added a new method to gather Horizon Events: the AuditEventSummaryView query. In this post I will describe how to consume this query using the soap API. I have been told by… Continue reading

Script to cleanup desktops running on old snapshot

So last year Guy Leech asked if if I had a script to identify machines running on an old snapshot. I Created a script for that here. This week Madan Kumar asked for a script that finds these same VDI desktops but that also cleans them out if needed. For… Continue reading

Getting Session information using the Python Module for VMware Horizon with filtering

Since Horizon 8 it is possible to retrieve session information using the REST api’s. In the python module for Horizon I have translated that functionality to the get_sessions function. import requests, getpass, urllib, json import vmware_horizon requests.packages.urllib3.disable_warnings() url = input(“URL\n”) username = input(“Username\n”) domain = input(“Domain\n”) pw = getpass.getpass() hvconnectionobj… Continue reading

vCheck for Horizon : small updates & running it (automatically) from ControlUp

Remark : as of the time I was writing this article the vCheck for Horizon  sba hasn’t been published yet. Contact me if you want me to send you the xml file. Last week I have been doing a few small updates to the vCheck for Horizon. The file with… Continue reading

How to add Rocky Linux (& Other not supported Linux Flavors) to ControlUp

Disclaimer: I am a ControlUp employee but am posting this on my own. We officially only support the Linux flavors here: https://support.controlup.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001497917-Linux-Integration-with-ControlUp Disclaimer 2: I am NOT a Linux expert, I consider myself a basic user for most Linux things. With the recent rise of the truly community driven (beta)… Continue reading

The VMware Labs flings monthly for April 2021 – Easy deploy for AVI Loadbalancers & NSX Mobile!

So it feels like yesterday that I created the previous flings post but April flew by and it’s almost summer, time for some more bad weather over here in The Netherlands. I see a three new flings and ten who received an update. One of the new ones already has… Continue reading

Creating a RDS farm using the Python module for VMware Horizon

One of the goals and hopes I had with my 100DaysOfCode (I am writing this on day 100!) was that the Horizon REST api’s to create desktop pools and RDS farms would have been available at the end. Only half of that came out and with Horizon 8 2103 we… Continue reading