My Golden Image build using HashiCorp Packer

After a Tweet last week by former colleague and fellow vExpert Jeroen Buren, my reaction on that and another question that we got  I decided to finally make some time and document how my Packer Golden Image build works. To be honest I don’t think that it’s anything spectacular and… Continue reading

Adding Nutanix CE CVM nodes & Prism Central VM’s to ControlUp

Take note: at the moment of writing I am preparing to upgrade my Nutanix #vCommunity Edition to the latest version so I am still at version 20191030.415 of AHV. Also be aware that I can’t do any promises on if what I am doing is supported to do on your… Continue reading

The VMware Labs flings monthly for September 2020

[Disclaimer] any typo’s in this blog posts are Brian Madden’s fault since I am listening to his VMworld session with Carl Webster[/disclaimer] Yes this blog post is really being created during this session. Hopefully you also where able to join VMworld because even though I hate the virtual events and… Continue reading

[HorizonAPI]Finding VDI or RDS machines based on wrong/old Golden Image

One of the first thing I did years ago when I first learned of the Horizon API’s was to start working on the vCheck for Horizon as I at that point was managing a Horizon 6.2* environment with lots of pools and lots of issues. With the vCheck I didn’t… Continue reading

The VMware Labs flings monthly for August 2020- Time for a new OSOT

The schedule builder for VMworld is open but we should have been at VMworld US around this time if only that stupid virus would have stayed away. In august there where three new fling releases and eight got one or more updates. New Software-Defined Data Center Skywalk Federated Machine Learning… Continue reading

Get your code ready for the first VMware{Code} CodeCon scripting contest by ControlUp (Including a getting started)

When the idea was pitched to the VMware{Code} Code Coaches for a Code Connect event I thought it would be fun to have a small scripting contest of the main Hackathon. Since I am employed by ControlUp the idea is to combine this with the script actions that are available… Continue reading

Using the Horizon 8 swagger page

A couple weeks back when Horizon 8 was released they also made us happy with the Swagger page to browse the rest api methods. One thing it lacks though is a way to easily authenticate to actually try them. There is an Authenticate button but I couldn’t find any information… Continue reading

[HorizonRestAPI] Trying some of those new funky Horizon 8 REST api’s

In my last post I promised to provide some examples of those new REST api’s in Horizon 8. A couple of things that I will show: Getting local sessions Sending a message Get machines Reset a machine I have changed how I run my scripts a bit in that I… Continue reading

Horizon 8 released: Moar api’s!!

So yesterday every VMware EUC person was going wild because Horizon 8 was released. I won’t go into all the stuf that’s new because plenty of other folks have already done that (love the parentless instant clones though!). So what exactly are the new things looking from the API perspective?… Continue reading

The VMware Labs flings monthly for July 2020- Reach is back!

A couple of days late but I had  good excuse: I was away on a holiday. I needed it and enjoyed it and have a week left before I start work again. This month there was one new release and nine flings received an update. Overall it’s a EUC rich… Continue reading