The VMware Labs flings monthly for March 2021 – New Website

A day late but never late than never, this is your monthly overview with all the latest and greatest VMware flings. The flings site received a new fresh look head out to to have a look yourself. I am not sure if the (are they new?) tags for updated… Continue reading

Powercli script to assign a dedicated Horizon machine to multiple users

Yesterday Robin Stolpe again reached out that he was having issues assigning multiple accounts to the same dedicated machine. He couldn’t get this running with the vmware.hv.helper and looking that with how it is implemented now it will probably never work. I decided to put together some of the functions… Continue reading

Powercli script to (forcefully) log off Horizon users

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I wrote this blog post to log a user off from their vdi session. Today I got an inquiry from Robin Stolpe that he was trying to make it a script with arguments instead if the menu’s but was having… Continue reading

Pushing a new image using the VMware Horizon Python Module

One of the REST api calls that where added for Horizon 8 2012 was the ability to push images to Desktop Pools (sadly not for farms yet). This week I added that functionality to the VMware Horizon Python Module. Looking at the swagger UI these are the needed arguments: So… Continue reading

Quickly grabbing all available REST api url’s for your Horizon version

One of the challenges with the Horizon REST API’s is that they are not feature complete yet and if you ain’t on the latest version you need to scroll trough the api explorer or Swagger UI to find if the URL you need is available. I have created a short… Continue reading

The VMware Labs flings monthly for February 2021 – Reach alert!

It’s been a busy month on the flings front, no less than 17(!!) new releases and updated flings. This is how my browser tabs look: If I have therm all correct there are 6 new releases and 10 updates (2 1 of which update without a changelog so a boo… Continue reading

Managing application pools using the VMware Horizon Python Module

Earlier this week I added several methods to the VMware Horizon Python Module that are centered about application pools and I promised a blog post so here it is 🙂 In the module we have the following methods in the Inventory about Application Pools: get_application_pools get_application_pool delete_application_pool new_application_pool update_application_pool Halfway… Continue reading

Filtering/Searching and pagination with the Python module for VMware Horizon

Yesterday I added the first method to the VMware Horizon Python module that makes use of filtering while the day before that I added pagination. VMware{Code} has a document describing available options for both but let me give some explanation. Pagination Pagination is where you perform a query but only… Continue reading

My #100DaysOfCode #Python Challenge == VMware_Horizon Module

So after 5 weeks of following the #Python training for my 100DaysOfCode challenge I have decided that my main goal for the challenge itself will be to work on the Horizon Python Module. With the course some things I find really boring and I need a real target to really… Continue reading

The VMware Labs flings monthly for January 2021 – it’s OSOT time again!

January was a good month for me as I started the Python 100DaysOfCode challenge but the VMware engineers also did plenty of work. Seven flingss received an update and it looks like we have a single new release. New Release Desktop Container Tools Updates Demo Appliance for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid… Continue reading