Week 2 of my #100DaysOfCode challenge

And with a higher or lower game I finished the second week of my 100DaysofCode #Python challenge. Sometimes when I don’t see the solution for something it takes ma ages to get on the right path but when I see it I finish the project pdq! The debugging that I… Continue reading

My 100 Days of Code Challenge: done with the first week!

So the first seven days of coding for my 100 Days of Code Challenge have passed. I have already learned heaps from the Python course that I follow for the challenge but have also run into some walls where my thinking process brings me in the wrong direction. What I… Continue reading

My 100 Days of Code challenge

If you follow me on Twitter or are a connection on Linkedin you might have seen the following pledge I'm publicly committing to the 100DaysOfCode Challenge starting today! Learn More and Join me! hey @ka11away https://t.co/Yoo5cHTduu #100DaysOfCode Already did day 1 today with @yu_angela's 100 days of Python 🙂 #LearningNeverStops… Continue reading

The VMware Labs flings monthly for December 2021: Happy New Year

Let’s start with wishing all of you a happy New Year! <Insert random stolen 2021 fireworks picture> Just like me with my bog it’s been quiet on the flings front. No new ones but 4 received updates. HCIBench VMware Event Broker Appliance Supernova – Accelerating Machine Learning Inference App Volumes… Continue reading

The VMware Labs flings monthly for November 2020: time for a new OSOT

In November only one new fling was released while seven other received update. One that received an update was the Horizon Session Recording fling that I blogged about at the time of release. Also it looks like the VSAN team is letting all its tools loose on the community because… Continue reading

ControlUp loves Horizon Session Recording!

Ok maybe it’s more me than ControlUp but the usual audience on this blogs knows that I work for ControlUp and that I love the VMware flings. Recently we received the question from several South-America based customers if we where able to start the Horizon Session Recordings using a Script… Continue reading

The VMware Labs flings monthly for October 2020

First of all I hope that everyone is staying safe en sound and keeping their social distance. Over here we’ve been back to a light lockdown again but at least most of the shops are still open. I just opened the flings site and the VMware engineers have been dam… Continue reading

[HorizonAPI] Disabling Provisioning and/or disabling entire Desktop Pools and RDS Farms

Today I saw the question on the VMware{Code} Slack Channel if anyone ever managed to disabled Desktop Pools using PowerCLI. I was like yeah I have done that and you might need to user the helperservice for that. I offered to create q fast and quick blog post about it… Continue reading

[HorizonAPI]Using the Datastore service (incl sizing calculation!)

I was looking on my blog for information to use the datastore information using the Horizon api’s but couldn’t find it so here’s a post on that. This posts uses the soap api’s next time I’ll see what we can do with the REST api. Index List by host or… Continue reading

Calling the EMEA #vCommunity for a Monthly Virtual #vBreakfast EMEA!

For years Fred Hofer has been organizing the vBreakfast for VMworld EMEA across the street of the Fira in a very nice place. A big thank you to Fred to do this every year!! Due to the mess this world currently is in we couldn’t do it in person this… Continue reading