Pulling Horizon View events with PowerCLI in a nicer way

Update: There is a new way to pull the event information without having to enter the sql password please see this post about it.


So in one of the first posts I did about Powercli 6.5 was a bit about pulling events from the Horizon View events database. This off course was not the crude way to pull the events. Another was was using the event dumper fling but that one is a bit to slow for my taste. I decided to create a script that leveraged and had the speed of PowerCli but actually gave some options and that dumped the results in a .csv file since reading them from the command line will be too much at some point.

What I ended up with is a 71 line script where 18 are informational, 8 blanks, 1 that pulls the information and the rest for the menus and error handling. I decided on not giving any real errors when things don’t work but just red text. A lot is done with try <> catch and a if elseif else.

There is no need to load any modules but the scripts assumes at least PowerCLI 6.5 with the vmware.hv.helper module loaded.

I have created a github repo for these smaller scripts over here.

And how does this look in the end??

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